Summer Reading

Books that I would recommend….

Second Chance Summer ( sad but good)

Cinder (If you have not read it), and Scarlet (the second book to Cinder, parody to red riding hood)

Wonder ( true story of 5th grade)

All these books are really good for summer reading. I hope you guys have a great summer!


From Rosalee, the author of Forest of Whispering Books

p. s. May the books whisper all summer!

When Push Comes to Death

TITLE: When Push Comes To Death AUTHOR: Nancy Gotter Gates GENERA: Mystery THEME: Don’t give into good liars MAIN CHARACTER: Tommi Poag PUBLISHED:November 2008 in North Carolina WHO WOULD LIKE THIS BOOK: Serial killers, Ex Wives, True mystery lovers, etc.

What this book whispers:It is just another day for Tommi Poag, that is before her Ex, Bernard calls her about a claim for her only freind’s husband’s death. Now her only freind is in jail, charged for killing her husband.So Mrs Tommi turns detective to find evidence that her friend is not a murderer…

        So when Tommi finds some peculiar things, threts from the unknown come in on all sides…

RATING: 4 and 1/2 stars





A praha folk tale in formation of a poem

The king needed some guards ,

for times were hard,

and then came Golem.

the king confided in his wizard,

he could turn a cat to a lizard,

he made Golem.

earth, stone, tree

no brain, no heart,

that was Golem.

Golem worked for the king

the people could dance and sing

then Golem found the little girl

the king’s daughter.

despite the fact he had no heart

he loved the princess, but she was smart,

she ran to her father telling him all,

the people became scared of the king’s downfall

because if he had a heart, he would soon have a mind,

and the kings quarters he would soon find

so Golem went to sleep.

Golem went to a sleep he would never awake from

and turned back into the mud that he was made from

much to the wizard’s discontent


Help me keep Golem alive, please comment

from Rosalee





A very confusing paragraph

Think about thoughts. Thinking of thoughts makes you think of where thoughts come from. What is wonder? Wonder is what makes you wonder about thoughts.

Think about painting a picture of you painting a picture of you painting a picture. Now where are you? Is someone painting a picture of you?

If you could live forever what would you do? Think.

Think about when you were really little… Now say out loud what you were doing in this memory. Think about what you are saying, does it make sense?

Picture yourself falling, are you scared?

If you were in water while it was pitch black, with only a little bit of air in your lungs, witch way would you swim?


WE       ARE       UN        PREDICT      ABLE

t         h        i      n       k   .    .    .   .   .   .

Now leave me a comment if you get the purpose of this paragraph, or if you can answer this riddle below





Train Track


A long long long road,



Something to happen,

Never, and always,


Under a gray sky.


Endless things they see,

They watch happen,





When they become old,

like any other,

they are travled,





But when I,

see a,

Lonely train track,

I will be that last train,



quietly down that,




click, clack,

click, clack,

click, clack


My Literary Language Looker

BOOK: Poetry for Young People, Emily Dickinson QUOTE: An everywhere of silver, With ropes of sand ,To keep it effacing, The track called land. From page 10 TITLE OF POEM: Sea

This quote is an example of Consonance: When words share the same consonant sound, this quote has S’s and the sound ssssssss as in effacing, sand, silver.

Rhyme Scheme: Patterns of repeating sound or letters, usually describing what the poem is about, like this quote is about the sea and the sea makes the sound sssssss.

I think this quote is a good example of consonance because the poem’s subject is the sea and its repeating sound is sssssssssss also I think the poems consonance gives it imagery along with the describing words.

  from the coolbloger555, aka MEE! 🙂

A Long Journey

MAGAZINE: Junior Scholastic

After you read this article you can never disagree that cats are not good trackers, because this certain cat tracked her owners 2o0 miles! Holly the cat is 4 years old and when her owners took a trip 200 miles from their home to Daytona beach in Florida when they got separated from each other. Her owners, assuming that they would never find her again, went back home. After a few weeks they opened their door to see… It was Holly, the amazing cat found her owners! I bet Holly is just as happy as her owners that she is home!

If you want to see more awesome articles you can order Junior Scholastic.

 Reviewed by Rosalee

Fernandez, Barbra P. “A Long Journey.” Junior Scholastic 1 Feb. 2013: n. pag. Web. 11 Feb. 2013.

Mirrorscape, my favorite book

TITLE: Mirrorscape AUTHOR: Mike Wilks GENERA: coolest fantasy in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEME: You can’t judge a person by the circumstances they come from MAIN CHARACTER: Melkin Whomper and his 2 friends WHO WOULD LIKE THIS BOOK: Artists, apprentices, angels, houses, magicians and of course FANTASY LOVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What this book Whispers: In Kop, a small town that is close to Vlam, Mel works on a drawing. But when Dirk Tot comes to Kop to invite Mel to join an artist school in big city Vlam some unwanted visitors stop by as well, the effort to get Mel into safety  takes him to the artist school despite his father’s unapprovment. At the school Mel meets Wren and Ludo and,( however unfortunately ), Groot, Bunt, and Gurgus. But when the 3 friends see their master artist vanish into a painting the quest for true or  false leads them through lies, discovery, and betrayal. I encourage all fantasy lovers to read this book below!

 This book is amazing!!!!!!!! Trust me 😉

The not so mysterious book bloger, Rosalee

Ghost stories; passion number 2

I recently found another passion! For the past two weeks I have been hooked on ghost stories by this brilliant author named Mary Downing Hahn. Her bests ( that I have read ) are All The Lovely Bad Ones , The Doll in the Garden , and Dapphene’s Book. I like Dapphene’s Book the best, but funny, that one wasn’t really a ghost story. Still…..

If you really like ghost stories you have to check them out!

If you have all ready, then you are awesome. 🙂

If you like ghost stories also go to this site:

On this site I learned about ghost stories that are WAY more scary than regular ones. I also learned another version of  Bloody Mary. The ones on this site is not as touching and funny, it is more directed to scare you.

As always, Rosalee

Schlosser, S. E. “Folklore Stories.” American Folklore. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Jan. 2013.


All The Lovely Bad Ones

TITLE: All The Lovely Bad Ones GENRA: Ghost story fantasy AUTHOR: Mary Downing Hahn THEME: Your past can’t hurt you unless you let it MAIN CHARACTER: Travis and Corey WHO WOULD LIKE THIS BOOK: ghosts, ghost hunters, bad kids, innkeepers, inn workers.

What this book whispers: Travis and Corey think it is just going to be another boring summer, but it gets a bit more unique when the siblings find out they were kicked out of camp Willow tree for over all bad behavior. This sends them to their grandmother’s ‘haunted’ inn. Their decisions to play a few pranks awakens somthing much more real than fake spiders and makeup.

STAR RATING: four and one half stars

by Rosalee